Build an exceptional career

At Dalhousie University’s School of Occupational Therapy, you’ll lay a solid foundation on which to build a rewarding career. You’ll study under internationally recognized professors and when you’re finished, you’ll join our school’s alumni—graduates who are valued for their contribution to quality of life in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Rebuild lives

As an occupational therapist, you’ll join a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving lives. Whether your client is a father with a workplace injury or a child with an environmental barrier, you’ll have the expertise to help them develop the skills they need to perform their everyday activities.

As a senior practitioner, you will gain advanced knowledge and skills that will add to the evidence base of the profession.

Working in the disability management industry will allow you to support injured workers as they rebuild their lives. You will work with employees and employers across many sectors of the labour force, as well health care providers creating the best options for all.

Why Dalhousie?

The School of Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie is known for its theory-driven approach, commitment to social justice and diverse educational approaches. We also provide exceptional support with our welcoming atmosphere, diverse online learning programs and remarkable enhanced learning labs for our on-site entry level occupational therapy students.

You’ll work with researchers who are focused on ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate as fully as possible in the occupations of everyday life—in family and community life, in education and work, and in civil society.

Study with us

Build the skills you need for a rewarding career: