Undergraduate Electives

Occupation and Daily Life

Discover the importance of occupation in everyday life. The OCCU 2000 elective is an introductory course designed to provide students enrolled in other fields, such as science and the humanities, a glimpse into the world of occupational therapy. The goal of this class is to introduce students from a broad spectrum of disciplines and fields to the interdisciplinary study of occupational science. This elective is being offered online and OPEN to non-Occupational Therapy students.

Occupation Through the Life Span

OCCU 3500 - Occupation Through the Life Span. Designed for students from any discipline, this course builds on basic concepts in occupational science. Topics explore how human development from infancy through late adulthood shapes participation, performance and meaning in occupations. This course informs and builds upon material presented in OCCU 2000. This elective is being offered face to face.

The Science of Occupation

OCCU 4500   The Science of Occupation: Dissecting Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Occupations
 This course provides a forum for students from different disciplines to critically examine, discuss and understand sanctioned and unsanctioned occupations within the context of individual, community, cultural and societal influences. Students will also critically examine debates and concepts in occupational science.

FORMAT: Lecture