MSc in Occupational Science

Occupational Science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the nature and function of human occupation (the things people do in their everyday lives) as it relates to health, justice, and the earth. Occupational Science produces important research insights that inform social change and impact every day lives.

The online Master of Science - Occupational Science program prepares students to conduct innovative research and use critical ways of knowing to develop theoretical perspectives on occupation. Students draw on and contribute to knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and professions. Students have the opportunity to conduct research or undertake a project related to occupation within environmental and societal contexts. This online degree is well suited for students with diverse undergraduate degrees or professional degrees, who are committed to exploring the science of everyday doing.

  1. Apply occupational science related concepts to analyze human doing, policies, theories, and social norms.
  2. Examine the potential for occupational science to transform epistemologies, policies, and procedures across diverse contexts.
  3. Research-thesis stream students will apply research methodologies to explore occupation and related topics.
  4. Course-stream students will undertake a major project, drawing on current evidence.

Students may enroll in this innovative online program either full-time or part-time. All students require regular and consistent access to the internet to participate in this fully online distance education program.

In the thesis stream, full-time students typically complete courses in year one, followed by a thesis in year two.

In the course stream, full-time students typically complete courses in year one, followed by a major project in year two.

See our research page for links to our current research.

More information about this program, including admissions requirements, application process, and funding opportunities can found on the academic graduate Master of Science - Occupational Science webpage.

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Important note: Although an MSc in Occupational Science provides excellent foundational knowledge for study in occupational therapy, this degree does NOT lead to professional/clinic practice. If you would like to be an occupational therapist, please see the MSc(OT)-Entry level information.