MSc in Occupational Science NEW!

Note: Program in development some details subject to change

Expected Program Start Date: September 2020 on line. Admissions in Spring of 2020

Occupational Science is an interdisciplinary field. The new degree will be open to students with divergent undergraduate degrees, creating an interdisciplinary, online learning experience.

Our courses teach the theoretical underpinnings of occupational science, which will help students develop critical perspectives on how people interact and engage in everyday activities. These skills will help students develop collaborative interdisciplinary leadership skills.

Graduates of the MSc in Occupational Science will:

  • Apply occupational science related concepts to analyze policies, theories, and social norms to enhance occupation.
  • Understand and apply a variety of research methodologies to address occupation focused phenomena.
  • Demonstrate how occupational science has the potential to transform epistemologies, policies, procedures, and practices in multiple settings, and across diverse contexts.

Globally, organizations are trying to problem solve how to meet the United Nations sustainability goals such as providing opportunities for decent work or improving access to housing. Graduates from an occupational science program will be able to address global
issues, policy, accessibility, disability and/or workplace health and well-being.

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists Educational Standards support the inclusion of occupational science in all accredited schools offering Occupational Therapy. There are very few programs that offer advanced education in occupational science to support occupational therapists teaching in developed and developing countries. Our program can help integrate occupational science into educational programs.

Students interested in Occupational Science will want to work in, or are already working in education, public sector/government or private industries. Initially, the program will be open to thesis students and
expand to add in a course-based masters. The course-based stream will attract individuals currently employed in workplaces such as private insurance in the area of disability management, and who want to
learn how to appraise evidence and engage in occupations that necessitate more critical thinking skills to make better decisions in workplaces.

Our MSc in Occupational Science program will have:

  • Research thesis and course-based options
  • Full/Part Time options
  • Both the thesis and course-based options will be
    twenty-four (24) credit hours
  • The research thesis option will provide students
    with opportunities to study a variety of topics that
    fit under the umbrella of occupational science

Sample of proposed courses:

  • OCCU 6510: Occupational Science Theory: Doing, Being, Belonging Becoming
  • OCCU 6511 Research Methods and Literacy
  • OCCU 6512: Diversity & Inequities in Everyday Life
  • OCCU 6513: Putting Knowledge to Use