Our Team

Meet our team at the Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development. We're here to help you meet your learning needs. Our team includes instructors and administrative staff from our English Language Studies department, and the Transition Year Program

Agravat, Mayur

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: Mayur.Agravat@dal.ca

Ajewole, Olu

Director of Finance
Email: Oluseyi.Ajewole@dal.ca

Amit, Udeni 

Director, Technologies, Operations & Communication Programs
Email: Udeni.Amit@dal.ca

Blenkhorn, Sarah 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: sj.blenkhorn@dal.ca

Boles, Billie

Destiny Solutions Specialist
Email: Billie.Boles@dal.ca

Burns, Martin 

Technology Support Specialist
Email: Martin.Burns@dal.ca

Burgoyne, Natalie

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: nburgoyn@dal.ca

Careless, Erin 

Director, Professional Certificates, Career Essentials and Accreditations
Topics:  Adult Education
Email: Erin.Careless@dal.ca

Carmont, Sherry 

Educational Developer
Email: sherry.carmont@dal.ca

Dominey, Hilary 

Program Assistant, Professional & Leadership Studies
Email: Hilary.Dominey@dal.ca

Edirisinghe, Nilanthi 

Accounts Payable Clerk
Email: Nilanthi.Edirisinghe@dal.ca

Fevens, Chris  

Project Manager - Recognition of Prior Learning
Email: ch301266@dal.ca

Franz, Tracy 

Acting Instructional Design and Curriculum Manager, English Language Studies Department
Email: Tracy.Franz@dal.ca

Hann, Jennifer 

Director, Enrollment, Student Services & Advising
Email: Jennifer.Hann@dal.ca

Herrera, Laura 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: laura.herrerag@dal.ca

Hotson, Brian 

Project Manager, Academic Integrity
Email: brian.hotson@dal.ca

Hill, Jessie 

Market Intelligence Analyst
Email: jessie.hill@dal.ca

Jolemore, Shawn 

Project Director, Nova Scotia Microcredentialing Framework
Email: Shawn.Jolemore@dal.ca

Kawashima, Hideyo 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: hideyo.kawashima@dal.ca

King, Andrea 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: Andrea.King@dal.ca

Kong, Tianze 

Acting Program Manager, English Language Studies Department
Email: tianze.kong@dal.ca

Lee, Cathy M. 

Executive Administrator
Email: cathy.lee@dal.ca

Lelwala, Pradeep 

Accounts Receivable Clerk
Email: Pradeep.Lelwala@dal.ca

MacDonald, Jennifer 

Director, English Language Studies and University Access
Topics:  Linguistics, English Language Studies
Email: jennifermacdonald@dal.ca

MacDonald, Mark 

Senior Program Manager, Technologies, Operations & Communication Programs
Email: MacDonald.Mark@dal.ca

MacInnes, Kate

Director of Information Management
Email: kate.macinnes@dal.ca

MacPhail, Darcy 

Data Communications Officer
Email: darcy.macphail@dal.ca

Maier, Anna 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: amaier@dal.ca

Mason, Jennifer

Senior Program Manager, University Access
Email: jennifer.douglas@dal.ca

Michael, Gordon 

Executive Director, Mentoring Plus Strategy
Email: Gordon.Michael@dal.ca

Minor, Linda 

Program Support, Management and Technical Programs
Email: Linda.Minor@dal.ca

Mitchell, Kristopher  

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: kristopher.mitchell@dal.ca


Mushtaq, Ayesha 

Associate Director, English Language Studies Department
Email: Ayesha.mushtaq@dal.ca

Myers, Jeffrey 

Director, Community Partnerships and Projects
Email: myersja@dal.ca

Nishimura Hasegawa, Leila 

Registration Coordinator
Email: leila.nishimurahasegawa@dal.ca

O'Neill, Ann

Academic Director, CEBS Program
Email: ann.oneill@dal.ca

Parmelee, Kieran

Manager, Special Projects
Email: kieran.parmelee@dal.ca

Piercey, Sean  

Associate Director, Fleet School
Email: Sean.Piercey@dal.ca

Power, Mary-Eleanor 

Director of Marketing & Communications
Email: mfpower@dal.ca

Purcell, Kate

Assessment Coordinator, Academic Integrity Officer & Instructor, Department of English Language Studies
Email: kate.purcell@dal.ca

Quinlivan-Hall, Duncan

Registration Coordinator
Email: dquinliv@dal.ca

Rusinak, Anthony 

Program Manager, Canadian Credit Union Association
Email: arusinak@dal.ca

Russell, Cindy 

Manager, Microcredentialing
Email: cindy.russell@dal.ca

Snair, Charlotte

Student Experience Coordinator
Email: charlotte.snair@dal.ca

Tyers, Dianne 

Email: Dianne.Tyers@dal.ca

van Vulpen, Mieke 

Student Information Systems Analyst
Email: mvanvulpen@dal.ca

Walker, Dawne 

Program Manager, Adult Learning and Teaching Initiatives
Email: Dawne.Walker@dal.ca

Walsh, Gena 

Registration Officer, Student Services Team
Email: Gena.Walsh@dal.ca


Wang, Ellie

Program Manager, Corporate Solutions
Email: el456332@dal.ca

Worthington, Sam 

Instructor, English Language Studies Department
Email: sworthin@dal.ca