Group Training

We offer custom training solutions in a wide range of areas. Read on to learn about some of those areas or complete our corporate solutions training form if you'd like to learn how we can create a customized solution for your team. 

Our Faculty is committed to providing superior learner experiences in every course and custom solution we offer. To achieve this, we work with industry-leading professionals to develop and deliver relevant and meaningful programs. 

Creativity and Innovation

We move teams - from any industry and in any workplace - through the creative process, key components of creativity and innovation, and how to bring creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship together in a collaborative process. In this programming, learners come away with new skills to identify problems and generate new innovations and understand their own capabilities in transforming novel ideas into workable solutions. 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Collaborating with nationally recognized and award-winning racial equity educators leads to group training and learning outcomes that will stick. We offer corporate training that applies theory and history to today's realities and encourages conversations and reflections that could lead to positive changes in your organizational culture. To learn more about our corporate training in this area, read the story, New Micro-Learning Course on EDIA Designed for Organizations by One of Canada's Top Accomplished Black Canadian Women in Partnership With Dalhousie University (source: Yahoo Finance).

Executive and Leadership Training

Great work starts with great leaders. In past offerings of this program, we have brought together nation-wide communities of leaders across various industries to guide them through learning that will help them emerge as visionary, collaborative, and effective leaders in our complex world of work.

Whether customized for specific sectors or workplaces, at the end of our training, leaders have learned how to better manage change initiatives, bring creative thinking into decision making, and develop innovative strategies. 

Public Policy and Management

Examining and understanding the organizational dimensions of governance and public management are fundamental to the public policy training we offer. Our expert instructors dig deeply into their own experiences in public policy to help our learners come away with a solid understanding of a range of topics, including government structures and intergovernmental relations, strategic financial management, and digital governance.