Bursaries & Grants

Explore grant and bursary opportunities that may be open to you


For individuals:

The Atlantic Immigrant Career Loan Fund

To help newcomers get their credentials recognized in Canada. The loan fund will pay for tuition, exams, materials and travel. 

Please visit the ISANS website for more details.

Canada Training Benefit Grant

A new, non-taxable credit to help Canadians with the cost of training fees. $250 per year for a lifetime maximum of $5000.

Please visit the Government of Canada website for more details.

University Prep Bursary Fund

The University Prep Bursary fund is made available to African Nova Scotia/Black and Nova Scotia First Nations Persons who are preparing for University credit study and who need to take University Prep courses to do so. It includes the cost of tuition and may cover the cost of texts for the course. This is based on financial need and will be assessed individually.

This is open to all students (non-credit or credit) who are African Nova Scotia/Black and Nova Scotia First Nations Persons.

Candidates who have previously applied for bursary funding, in this or another funding year, must have completed and passed his/her previously funded course. Candidates must demonstrate financial need.

Please complete the bursary application in full. All applications must include three references. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and/or reviewed and contact will not be made to request missing or incomplete information.

Applications must be received no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the University Prep courses (with no exception). Please submit the application early. Students will not be permitted to attend classes unless the bursary is approved before the start date of the course.

Students applying for a bursary and wishing to register for Academic Math, Pre-Calculus Math, or Writing Skills for Academic Study may be required to write a Diagnostic.

Please make arrangements to do so by emailing openlearning@dal.ca or by calling 902-494-2526.

Download and complete the Application Form [PDF-201KB]

The David Packer Grant for English Language Studies

This grant covers tuition for the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program for refugees who have recently arrived to Canada or students from Ukraine and surrounding countries and are planning to pursue a degree at Dalhousie University.

In order to meet eligibility for the grant, a candidate:

1. must have come to Canada as a refugee and must have arrived to Canada within the 12 months previous to the desired start date in the EAP Program OR be a student from Ukraine and surrounding countries;

2. must have a minimum overall language proficiency score of CLB 4 or equivalent

3. must be planning and eligible to apply to a Dalhousie University degree program upon completion of their EAP studies

Successful candidates will be placed into the appropriate level of the EAP Program and the grant will cover the tuition for however many courses are needed for the student to graduate from the EAP Program.

Applications for the grant are not accepted directly. Refugee candidates should seek a referral from the Learn English Nova Scotia Testing and Counselling Centre (LENS). Students from Ukraine and surrounding countries should contact els@dal.ca for more details.

Tuition Waiver for Former Youth-in-Care

The Tuition Waiver for Former Youth-in-Care supports former youth-in-care who face unique and multiple barriers to accessing and persisting in post-secondary education. For more information and to apply, visit the website

Tom Parker Award

Part-time students can access the Tom Parker Award through Dalhousie University's Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development. This award is administered on a rolling deadline and is $750 per award. Students may apply for a maximum of two bursaries. 

Candidates must meet all of the following eligibility criteria without exception in order to be considered for the bursary award. 


  • Open to all part-time undergraduate students who are Canadian citizens. 
  • Candidates must be currently engaged in a program of part-time study at Dalhousie University. 
  • Candidates must have a good academic record. 
  • Candidates must demonstrate financial need. 

Academic Procedure 

Please complete the bursary application [PDF] in full. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Return the completed application form and any attachments to the following address:


Jennifer Hann
Director, Mature Student Services
Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education
Suite 2201 - 1459 LeMarchant Street, 2nd Floor
Halifax, NS   
B3H 3P8
Phone: (902) 494-1468
Fax: (902) 494-3662 


For businesses:

WIPSI (Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive)

Administered through Labour and Advance Education, WIPSI supplements employer contributions to train full-time staff to improve productivity and profitability, increase innovation, adapt to new technology or work processes and foster workplace diversity. A minimum of $10,000 eligible. 

Please visit the website for more details.


For communities:

NS Culture Innovation Fund

Up to $15,000 - Addressing social issues and opportunities within communities using culture as a tool for positive change. 

Please visit the website for more details.


Sgt. Bruce MacPhail Award for Academic Excellence
Each year, the Police Leadership Program announces the winner of the annual Sgt. Bruce MacPhail Award for Academic Excellence. This award was set up by Sgt. MacPhail's mother as a lasting legacy to his memory and is awarded to the Police Leadership student with the highest average over the past academic year.