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Evidence-Based Policing The course provides learners with an understanding of key concepts surrounding evidence-based policing. Jan. 5  
Municipal Law This course provides an introduction to the law affecting municipalities. Jan. 5  
Coaching Skills for Leaders Coaching is comprised of a set of skills and a series of steps that help others become better at their jobs. This course specifically examines the coaching leadership style. Jan. 5  
Building Impact & Influence: Strategic Public Communications Participants will recognize how strategic public communications enables an organization to create and maintain meaningful relationships with its ‘public,’ safeguard its reputation, and communicate effectively. Jan. 5  
Finance Essentials for Public Sector Leaders This course is a practical introduction to financial and accounting concepts that will equip you to make decisions based on financial information as a leader of organization. Jan. 5  
Evidence-Based Policing The course provides students with an understanding of key concepts surrounding evidence-based policing.  Jan. 5  
Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Leaders The course is a practical introduction to critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving as needed for leaders in today’s complex and rapidly changing contexts.  Jan. 5  
Global and Domestic Terrorism This course draws on the latest terrorism thinking and research from a variety of academic and other sources to develop a broad understanding of terrorism. Jan. 5  
Supporting Career Searches This course focuses on the practical skills needed to support a client undertaking a job search.  Jan. 7  
Understanding EDI: An Organization Imperative This course will take a deep dive into the subjects of diversity and inclusion, providing participants with an increased understanding of its importance.  Jan. 7  
Optimizing Diverse Team Performance This course supports learners as they gain insights into their own contributions to their team’s effectiveness.  Jan. 7  
Effective Facilitation We will present a basic introduction to theories, strategies, skills and tools that can be helpful in dealing with group various dynamics. Jan. 7  
The Future of Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities and Introduction to Blockchain Use Cases This course will provide you with a foundational background and understanding of the future of the emerging technology called blockchain. Jan. 10  
University Prep Pre-Calculus Plus Throughout the course, algebra, and applied geometric problem-solving skills needed for calculus are emphasized. Jan. 10  
Technical Writing Essentials Discover communication strengths you didn’t know you had and learn how to build on them to become a more capable, confident writer. Jan. 11