English for Academic Purposes


Choosing Your EAP Program | Online or Face-to-Face

  • Are you planning to take a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate at Dalhousie or any English-speaking university?
  • Have you been conditionally accepted into a Dalhousie academic program but do not meet English language requirements?
  • Are you an advanced English student who wishes to improve their English? Students do not have to be conditionally accepted into a Dalhousie academic program to take Dalhousie’s EAP courses.

The EAP courses consist of 24 hours a week of instruction. The courses can be taken 100% online or face-to-face. You will learn how to:

  • Write academic texts, including research essays and reports
  • Carry out research using the Dalhousie library and digital resources 
  • Apply strategies for more effective reading of academic texts
  • Better understand and take notes in university lectures
  • Prepare and deliver effective academic oral presentations 
  • Participate in seminars, tutorials and academic debates 
  • Develop advanced grammar and vocabulary skills, and the ability to edit and proofread your own writing

EAP Program Placement

Before you can begin to study in one of our EAP courses, we need to know your level of English. Learn more about our EAP Program Placement. 

You have the choice to attend your EAP course face-to-face in Halifax or continue to study 100% online.

If you have finished EAP 2 and are beginning your degree program in September 2021, Dalhousie advisors will be able to answer your questions about face-to-face courses in your degree program. Advising sessions will be organized for you during the EAP 2 course.

Please Note: Several important factors affect any decisions related to holding classes in person at Dalhousie University. These include vaccine production and distribution, expanding testing regimes, ongoing public health restrictions, and the state of domestic and international travel. We will keep you updated with the latest information.

Please contact els@dal.ca with any questions or if there is any change to your registration in the EAP Program.

For more information about the university’s COVID-19 response around testing, international travel, self-isolation and other topics visit dal.ca/coronavirus.