Health & Community Wellness

Health & Community Wellness

Enhance your wellness journey with skills for a healthier tomorrow

Discover new ways to improve the well-being of your community. Learn in-demand skills from experts in health and wellness. Dive into a world of lifelong learning that will enrich your life and empower you to share your knowledge with others. Through our courses and certificates, you'll gain the skills to create a safer and healthier workplace and community. 

Health and Wellness Certificates

Building Positive Workplace Cultures
Learn how to actively shape your workplace culture using the principles of Positive Psychology. Backed by the latest research, this online certificate will help you gain the skills to influence change in your organization.

Ergonomic Program Management
If you are responsible for an occupational health and safety program or an ergonomics program for your organization, this online certificate is for you. Learn how to develop an ergonomic program for your workplace that will improve your company's bottom line.

Courses for Health Providers and Caregivers

EMS Systems Design (HESA 4030)
This online course prepares students for a career as an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) system manager. You will learn about the factors that go into designing an EMS system, how to manage human resources and performance evaluation, and how to assess a system's disaster preparedness.

Principles of Public Relations and Marketing in EMS (HESA 4040)
EMS systems face challenging environments. This course presents public relations planning so that a disaster (or even a scandal) can be turned into an opportunity. You will also gain an understanding of marketing strategies that can help offset market pressures and demands.

Caregiver-Centered Care Education for Healthcare Providers - Free courses!

One in four Canadians serves as a caregiver for family, making family caregivers the largest care arm in Canada. These two free competency-based courses are designed for health and social care providers who want to incorporate family caregivers into their practice, community, and network.

Resources for Seniors

Healthy Aging - Free course!
Designed for older Canadians and caregivers, our Healthy Aging course is free, online, and easy-to-navigate. This course offers trustworthy advice and best practices for healthy aging.

The Mentoring Plus Strategy
The Mentoring Plus Strategy connects Nova Scotian seniors with individuals of various ages and backgrounds who are seeking support and guidance in navigating the next steps of their career. If you are 55+ and looking for a way to contribute to the future of your community, or if you belong to an organization that has people in need of mentorship, get in touch through the Mentoring Plus website or by emailing

Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia (SCANS)
SCANS provides affordable learning opportunities for older adults who are 50+. Members can choose to attend an unlimited number of courses throughout the year on topics ranging from the Ukraine-Russia conflict to Scottish Gaelic for beginners. SCANS offers flexible hybrid courses, as well as in-person courses across Nova Scotia that promise an engaging learning environment for older adults. Click here to learn more about SCANS and explore their selection of courses.