Writing & Communications

Improve your business communications skills

Effective communication is key to a successful business. Develop the skills you need to communicate with style and confidence in the workplace.



Professional Communications

This certificate is designed to help you communicate with clarity and confidence in today's work settings - in-person, virtual or hybrid. You will learn to better communicate across cultures and generations. You will also learn how to write and verbalize more effectively to your audience. To earn this certificate, you must complete three required courses and two of three electives. | Cost: $3,425

Required Courses:
Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
Fresh and Engaging Virtual Presentations
Communication in a Hybrid World

Electives (Two Required):
Grammar Tune-up
Persuasive Writing
Writing Emails that Get Results

Technical Writing
You're interested in this certificate because you're looking for a grammar refresh or strategies to write concise and informative technical reports and proposals. This certificate is intended for professionals working in a technical field such as engineering, technology, or science. To earn the certificate, you need to take four courses ($495 each). The bundle price for the certificate is: $1,980. These courses can also be taken individually. 

Required Course:
Technical Writing Essentials

Electives (Three Required): 
Grammar Tune-up
Persuasive Writing
Project Management Documents
Writing Clear Technical Reports
Writing Emails that Get Results

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In this nine-week course, you will gain the necessary background, understanding, and innovative methods required to conduct a thorough and effective accident investigation. Cost: $1,195.

Strategic Public Communications: Building Impact & Influence
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