Data, Risk & Emerging Technologies

Explore the landscape of new and emerging technology in today's world

The development of new technologies is expected to change the world as we know it. Learn how to adopt emerging technologies and navigate new risks around data privacy.

Data, Risk and Emerging Technologies


Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
This technology spans many industries from banking to healthcare, entertainment, supply chain management and more. Get trained in blockchain and cryptocurrency with our certificate program that includes three 6-week courses that can be taken individually. The cost of the three-course certificate is: $1,149. 

Blockchain Entrepreneurship
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are driving massive investment opportunities in startups. This presents a new avenue for entrepreneurship, but also requires an understanding of these disruptive technologies. This three-course certificate will provide professionally focused knowledge and you will leave with a ready-to-implement blockchain-based business plan. The cost for the three-course certificate is:  $2,997.

Blockchain Project Management
Blockchain is fast becoming the backbone of the new digital economy. This technology, along with new cryptocurrencies impact industries ranging from banking to entertainment. But there is a knowledge gap in managing blockchain/cryptocurrency-based projects. This certificate combines blockchain and project management best practices into three courses that will provide you with everything you need to manage blockchain projects successfully.  The cost for the three-course certificate is:  $1,650.

DevOps and Cloud Fundamentals
Build a stronger understanding of DevOps, defined by procedures that bring software development and IT operations together in order to deliver applications and services at a rapid pace, and also learn the business value of building a DevOps culture. The cost for this three-course certificate is $3,585.

JavaScript Coding Fundamentals: Preparing for Professional Engagements
Develop JavaScript coding skills and cultivate good programming practices that are transferable to other software development languages and environments. Connecting real-world examples to coding theory, this certificate will provide a solid skills foundation for participants interested in developing JavaScript programs in professional environments. The cost for this two-course certificate is $2,390.

Sustainable Energy Technologies
As the world fights the effects of the climate crisis, let’s embrace renewable energy, smart cities and the clean technologies that are shaping our future. Taking three 6-week courses, you’ll learn how energy systems work, where they can be successfully deployed, the economic implications, policy directions, and how they will integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT). The courses can be taken individually and the cost of the full certificate is: $3,685.


Corporate Social Responsibility
A fully asynchronous, 42-hour course that will teach you what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and the growing importance and expectations of corporate citizenship. You will learn about responsible investing, sustainability reporting, benchmarking performance and what factors to consider when creating a CSR that will work for your organization. The cost of this course is: $899 + HST.