Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Uncovering new understanding

There are many faces, perspectives and histories reflected in our workplaces and in our communities. Explore our courses to uncover new ways to see and understand the world, your peers, your community, and yourself.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
This explores the struggles organizations face in achieving equity, inclusion, and harmonious environments. Through participation in the certificate, learners will explore ways to create safe spaces to engage in real dialogue, policies around fairness, respect and civility, and strategies for navigating sensitive issues related to diversity and inclusion. Each course requires a minimum of 12 hours over three weeks and cost $650 each.

Required courses:
Understanding EDI: An Organization Imperative (Microcredential in Organizational Inclusion).
Inclusive Communications in the Workplace (Microcredential in Inclusive Comms Analysis).
Optimizing Diverse Team Performance (Microcredential in Diverse Teams: Biz Case).
Strategies for Implementing EDI Initiatives (Microcredential in EDIA Strategies).

Standalone Courses

Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
This eight-hour course will help you build knowledge on the topics of equity, diversity and inclusion.  You will develop skills, confidence and the capacity to make intentional changes in your workplace communication. Learners will earn a microcredential in Inclusive Communication Strategies.

"The instructor made sensitive topics around inequities and systemic issues easy to discuss and offers many different approaches to moving past performative allyship and truly acting and operating in solidarity with marginalized communities. The downloadable resources really reinforced the key learning outcomes, and I liked that I can share them with others in my workplace as well. Plus, the scenarios are much more helpful than typical e-learning quizzes!" - Alexa J. Goodman, Training Program Manager

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
Explore the concepts of diversity and inclusion, reflect on your own lived experience, and draw connections between diversity and inclusion and the success of businesses and their employees. Cost: $795 | Time Commitment: 36 hours over 12 weeks | Delivery: online

Interrupting Unconscious Bias
This 12-hour course can be taken at your own pace. It will have you looking inwards and digging deep into your beliefs, bringing them to the forefront so you can explore the ways in which your biases impact how you interact with others. Cost: $575 | Time Commitment: 12 hours at your own pace | Delivery: online

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
Participants in this course will spend time discovering insights into their own values, beliefs, and behaviours with respect to diversity. The intention is that participants will examine diversity in adult education and develop competencies to integrate diversity into their practice. Time Commitment: 12 hours over 3 weeks | Cost: $650 | Delivery: online