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Career Essentials

Business Management

Project Management Essentials
This course provides new project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects. Time Commitment: 3 weeks of self-directed online study | Cost: $1,395

Train the Trainer
In this four-week, online workshop, you will build skills and confidence in designing and delivering dynamic, interactive, and effective training sessions. Time Commitment: 24 learning hours including the 8 hours of live sessions | Cost: $1126.09

Business Analysis: Planning & Communication
This course focuses extensively on how to develop thorough requirements elicitation and management processes while providing you with the opportunity to practice effective oral and written communication, documentation and facilitation skills. 

Digital Literacy and Acumen
This course provides a practical, non-technical framework for understanding technology and harnessing it for business advantage. Time Commitment: this course is three weeks with two live sessions | Cost: $995

Inclusive, Collaborative, Transparent: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Today
This evidence-based course will demonstrate how persuasion and influence really work. Learn simple techniques to increase your personal impact and change your world for the better, both ethically and subtly. Cost: $995


Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
Participants in this course will spend time discovering insights into their own values, beliefs, and behaviours with respect to diversity. The intention is that participants will examine diversity in adult education and develop competencies to integrate diversity into their practice. Time Commitment: 12 learning hours including 4.5 hours of live sessions | Cost: $650

Interpresonal and Intercultural Communication
This 12-week course brings together the best theories and practices of communication between people in society. 

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
In this course, you will explore the concepts of diversity and inclusion, reflect on your own lived experience, and draw connections between diversity and inclusion and the success of businesses and their employees. Time Commitment: 36 learning hours including the 12 hours of live sessions | Cost: $995

Online Design and Delivery
This is an 8-hour online course designed to help educators move teaching content online or develop new online courses. Completed at your own pace, this course covers key topics such as learning outcomes, layout, universal design for learning (UDL), online presence and assessments. Cost: $575.

Interrupting Unconscious Bias
This 12-hour course can be taken at your own pace. It will have you looking inwards and digging deep into your beliefs, bringing them to the forefront so you can explore the ways in which your biases impact how you interact with others. Cost: $575

Engaging the Superpowers within Each Generation
This two-day course will give you an in-depth understanding of the generations, views from each perspective, strategies on how they can work best together and a good idea of where you fit into the equation.  It will help you become aware of your own biases, no matter what generation you belong to, and how you can adjust your expectations and behaviour to work with everyone. Cost: $995

Persuasive Writing
In this course you will learn practical strategies that will enable you to use writing to move readers to action. Over four weeks, you’ll complete four modules and two assignments. The course includes two virtual coaching sessions. Cost: $495

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness at Work
This interactive online program is aimed at providing you with an opportunity to take a break from dealing with crises and ambiguity. Time Commitment: 15 learner hours inclusive of 6 hours of synchronous sessions over four weeks | Cost: $495

Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace and Community
This course will teach you what you need to know about mental health from the patient's perspective as it pertains to the workplace and the psychiatric institution, and what you need to know about barriers for people with learning disabilities. This includes examining the workplace, the institution, the politics and political discourse, interactions with law enforcement, and the media’s role in perpetuating stigma. Time Commitment: 5 learning hours inclusive of 4 hours of live sessions | Cost: $695

Psychological Health in the Workplace: Managing Stress and Emotions
This course will explore the impacts of Canadians' mental health in the workplace, the statistics and legislation, as well as facilitating your internal capacity to develop tools to manage emotions and distress. Time Commitment: 15 learner hours inclusive of 5 hours of live sessions | Cost: $695


Increase Your Personal Impact using Persuasion and Influence
This evidence-based course will demonstrate how persuasion and influence really work. Learn simple techniques to increase your personal impact and change your world for the better, both ethically and subtly. Cost: $995.

Personal Leadership: Leading the Self During Challenging Times
In this course participants will learn how to assess their response to ambiguous situations, decision points, and conflict. Cost: $995

Ethics in Action

This highly interactive course focuses on helping you become consciously aware and articulate about your personal ethics, your values, beliefs and morals, and how these relate to your working life, whether this is in a private business or public service context. Cost: $995

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Throughout your learning journey in this course you will gain knowledge of theory, you will be asked to apply that knowledge in a specific leadership context, and you will be offered the opportunity to practice. 

Leadership Dynamics
This course will challenge you to question your fundamental assumptions, beliefs, and values regarding leading people. You will be asked to look closely at who you are as a leader today, and who you would like to become in the future. Cost: $995