Dal microcredentials represent the achievement of very specific skills or competencies valued by employers and have been validated by Dalhousie University.

When you earn your microcredential, you leave your learning experience confident in your ability to successfully demonstrate and communicate these specific skills or competencies.

Applied Learning Theory

Microcredentials are represented by a digital badge that can easily be added to your online platforms like LinkedIn so prospective employers can see them.

To learn more about Dal microcredentials and what they are, check out our 30-second YouTube video or visit our FAQ page.

Dalhousie University is committed to providing learning experiences that build skills to meet the needs of today's employers. We are regularly adding new microcredentials. Click below to see what we're currently offering. 


  • 3D Printer and Laser Cutter Safety
  • Woodworking Lab Equipment Safety
  • Metal Fabrication Equipment Safety
  • Fish Health & Diagnostics
  • Facility & Water Analysis

Data, Risk & Emerging Technologies

Health & Wellness

Positive Culture Planning