Be part of a new generation linking community to campus

In October 2012, Dalhousie's College of Sustainability launched an innovative new program—the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate (SLC).

During the program, participating students attend three weekend seminars and take part in engaged learning projects between the weekends.

The RBC SLC offers students the opportunity to:

  • learn preacical skills and tools to lead and inspire change
  • practice participatory facilitation, group leadership, systems thinking and project prototyping
  • turn ideas into action by designing and implementing social change projects that meet real needs
  • build a network of collaborators and learn from community leaders in sustainability
  • bridge theory and practice in social, environmental and economic sustainability.

The program is open to all Dalholusie students and graduates (first-year ESS students enrolled in SUST 1000 or second year and above for all other majors/programs).

Who should apply?

If you are hungry to develop the confidence to lead social change in your community, the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate is for you. Current students, recent graduates — anyone who is passionate about creating a sustainable world future — should apply. 

Program Components


SLC Program Content

This diagram shows the program components for the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate. Please click on the image to download a larger version [PDF, 395 kB].