College of Sustainability

Mona Campbell Building
1459 LeMarchant Street
Suite 1401
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 3P8
Tel: (902) 943-2193
Fax: (902) 494-8923

NOTE: During the COVID-19 crisis we are working remotely while the University is closed. The preferred method of contact is by email. Voicemail is being monitored but response times may be longer. If you are leaving a voicemail, please indicate your preferred method of reply.

Title Name
Director Peter Mushkat 
(902) 541-0813
Finance & Administrative Assistant
Holly Briand (902) 431-0294
Academic Advisor and Program Manager
Kaarin Tae
(902) 476-9096
Manager, Finance and Administration
Sherry Elliott (902) 225-3698
Manager, Outreach,  Partnerships & Communications
Debra Ross (902) 494-7805
Academic Program Secretary Nobonita Chakraborty (902) 220-3029

Rebecca Howcroft (902) 943-2193


2021/2022 Teaching Faculty

Title Name Email
Instructor Andrew Bergel       
Instructor Georgia Klein (902) 494-4031
Instructor Will Langford   (902) 494-2011
Instructor Glen Lesins  
Professor Steven Mannell (902) 943-2193
Assistant Professor                                      Andrew Medeiros (902) 494-6355
Instructor San Patten       
Instructor Laurel Schut       
Assistant Professor
Melanie Zurba      (902) 494-2966