Community Engagement

Together, we are a community.

A group of ESS Capstone participants (students and community clients) stand together and smile at the camera.

2018-2019 ESS Student Capstone Team at final presentation on Duncan's Cove Nature Reserve project.
Left to right: Dylan Ames, Taylor Burns, Heather Olivella (Nova Scotia Environment Protected Areas Coordinator, Central Region), Isaac Greenberg, Brendan Maguire (MLA, Halifax Atlantic), Leah MacDonald, Alex Soontiens-Olsen, Emily Robinson and Mary-Frances Lynch (Community Development Officer).

A continued exchange of information and ideas between the College and the community is a key element in the College learning experience.  The ESS curriculum offers experiential and community engaged learning opportunities in which students apply their sustainability knowledge and increase their understanding of how to mobilize change.

The broad reach of the College's community engagement includes other departments and faculties at Dalhousie, other universities, local and Federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community groups, and citizen activists throughout Nova Scotia and beyond.