About Us

Change. It's in your hands.

Complex global issues like water and energy security, climate change, environmental degradation touch virtually every person, every profession, everywhere. Solutions require passion, commitment and real knowledge.

At the College of Sustainability at Dalhousie University, we are inspiring a new generation of leaders, for whom sustainability is second nature. The College brings distinguished thinkers and problem-solvers together in a unique way to examine and take action on our most urgent global issues.

The faculty in our ESS (Environment, Sustainability and Society) program are drawn from across the academic spectrum—and share one unwavering goal: to develop sustainable solutions that will preserve our planet for future generations.

The College acts as a focal point for Dalhousie's scholars and students and members of the broader community, creating opportunities for synergies in learning, teaching, scholarship and community engagement. Learn with professors from across campus as they debate real-world problems. Immerse yourself in hands-on work that matters—in the community or boardroom, alongside citizens, NGOs and others.

Follow your passion. Change the world while you're at it.