What we're thinking now could change the way everyone thinks about the future.

Our Environment, Sustainability and Society (ESS) program, a Canadian first, is more than an academic offering. It's a whole new way of thinking.

Students in the ESS undergraduate program pursue a discipline of their choice—anything from theatre to biology to management—and combine it with a major or minor in Environment, Sustainability and Society. Students graduate with the intellectual tools to change the world for the better.


Solutions will not come from environmentalists alone, or from economists, policy-makers or scientists. Complex challenges like urbanization, global inequality, sustainable energy and water supplies, and climate change require new thinking that transcends traditional disciplines and approaches to education and research.


The College of Sustainability harnesses the intellectual strength of experts in Dalhousie's 11 faculties and hundreds of disciplines. Students in the program learn through discussions and debates led by experts on sustainability from across Dalhousie. Classes are taught by an interdisciplinary team with diverse expertise and differing perspectives.


Intensive tutorials, distinguished guest lecturers and speakers share their progressive thinking and insights to complement classroom learning. Learning extends beyond the classroom. In the third year, ESS students begin to immerse themselves in hands-on work that matters—on campus, in the community or the boardroom, alongside citizens, NGOs and others.