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RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate

2017-2018 Program Dates 

Participants are required to attend all three modules to obtain the certificate, although attendance may be completed over multiple academic years. Financial support from the RBC Foundation makes it possible for us to offer this program at minimal cost for students ($50 per weekend module to cover the cost of meals and materials).

Friday 6 October 

13-15  October 2017             Grounded and Ready for Action

19-20  January 2018             Designing for Action

15 March 2018                       Action Project Presentations

23-24 March 2018                 Leadership in Action

To complete the certificate, students are required to:

1)    attend all three weekend modules (not necessarily in one academic year);
2)    engage in two action projects; and
3)    complete several reflection exercises on their personal program experiences.

Click here for the online application form.



The program is open to all Dalhousie students and graduates (first year ESS students and second and year and above for students in all other majors/programs).

Program Fees

Thanks to significant funding from the RBC Foundation, the total cost of the program is only $150 (to cover the cost of meals and materials). A non-refundable payment of $50 is expected one week before the begining of each module.

Visit the DSU website to apply for a member grant to cover up to $100 of the SLC program fees.