Meet the SLC Program Facilitators

The RBC SLC is a partnership between the College of Sustainability and a community-based team of facilitators. The RBC SLC team is also made up of current students and graduates of Dalhousie, as well as members of the local community, Dalhousie faculty and staff.

Isaac Greenberg

Isaac smiles at the camera. They have short, curly brown hair and dark-rimmed glasses.

Isaac is the Academic Lead of the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate on behalf of the College of Sustainability. Isaac is a climate action leader with experience in public sector and consulting roles. Isaac coordinates climate adaptation strategy at the Province of Nova Scotia, and is a part-time academic at the College. In their free time, Isaac cooks and rock climbs.  

Sophia Horwitz

Sophia smiles at the camera. She has a light skin tone and dark brown hair that is tied back.

Sophia hosts processes that support generative conversations and co-creation to uncover innovative approaches for social impact. While completing her Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability she was introduced to the change-making methods and theories that she practices today.  She is a partner and co-founder of COLAB, where she has helped launch programs, projects and organizations such as Mainstreets, Art of Social Innovation, Participatory Budgeting, and Placemaking Halifax.

Gregory Woolner

Gregory smiles for the camera. He has a light skin tone, dark brown hair with a receding hairline, and a neatly-trimmed beard and moustache.

Gregory is a concerned citizen, life-long learner, and realistic idealist dedicated to tackling social and organizational challenges one step at a time through interdisciplinary collaboration, rigorous research, and complex systems approaches.  With an academic background in Sociology and Adult Education, and as a COLAB partner, he brings years of experience in process design, program evaluation, studying human systems, and project management.