Environment, Sustainability and Society Program

Follow your passion. Change the world while you're at it.

Environment, Sustainability and Society (ESS) can be integrated into any Dalhousie undergraduate degree as a Major, Honours, Minor or Certificate. ESS (“SUST”) courses are based on principles of academic collaboration, leading students to understand the complex real world of sustainability problems from a variety of perspectives and conceptual frameworks. SUST courses blend theory with application, focussing on engagement and solutions. Students have opportunities to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom in the ESS Capstone, Engagement Projects and Sustainability Co-op.

Since ESS can be a part of any undergraduate degree, students bring an ESS perspective to their studies in another academic discipline, and offer their growing disciplinary expertise to collaborations within their SUST courses. Students discover and practise how they can contribute to diverse teams in solving sustainability challenges.

Graduates of this program combine the strength of disciplinary learning in their chosen area with a deep understanding of the complexity of sustainability issues. They are well qualified to make a unique and substantial contribution in any field and are prepared for future professional or graduate training.

ESS students understand the historic and current context for environmental decision-making and the role of individuals, and public and private institutions in responding to key issues of environmental, social and financial sustainability.