Sustainability Co-operative Education (Co-op)

  • Gain relevant work experience with three Sustainability Co-op work terms alternating with academic study terms.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills you learn in-class to the workplace.
  • Test and explore careers, develop professional skills, and establish a network you can tap into after graduation.
  • Earn an income while earning your degree. Graduate with experience.

Sustainability Co-op is available to students in BA and BSc degrees with ESS as one of their Major subjects. Students may apply after completing their first year in the ESS prgram with a GPA of at least 3.0.


Applications will be accepted between Feb. 14th and May 9th, 2022. Apply to Sustainability Co-op here. Have questions? Please contact the ESS Academic Advisor at


Typical schedule of academic and work terms for Sustainability Co-op:

Year 1 Fall and Winter: Academic terms, complete ESS first year requirements, GPA 3.0 or better.

Year 1 Summer: Apply for Sustainability Co-op

Year 2 Fall: Academic term plus Co-op seminar
Year 2 Winter: Academic term, apply for co-op jobs
Year 2 Summer: Co-op Work Term #1

Year 3 Fall: Academic term, apply for co-op jobs
Year 3 Winter: Co-op Work Term #2
Year 3 Summer: Co-op Work Term #3

Year 4 Fall and Winter: Academic terms

Year 4 Summer or Year 5 Fall: Academic term


Download co-op program template [76 kb]