Sustainability at Dalhousie

Walking the walk.

At Dalhousie, sustainability is about more than what we teach in the classroom. We recognize sustainability as a key part of our future growth and a way we can contribute to the future of our community. It's about what we do as a community and how we do it. It's talking the talk and walking the walk.

The President's Advisory Council on SustainabilityĀ brings together faculty, students, administrators and facility managers for campus-wide discussion on incorporating sustainability into all we do at Dalhousie.

Complex challenges like urbanization, global inequality, food, energy and water security, and climate change require new thinking that transcends traditional disciplines in education and research. The College of Sustainability delivers that thinking, harnessing the intellectual strength of experts in Dalhousie's 11 faculties and hundreds of disciplines, offering the interdisciplinary Environment, Sustainability and Society program.

Dalhousie's Office of Sustainability leads our efforts in campus operations and is changing how we run the institutionā€”from building design to cleaning products, energy systems to six stream recycling and the use of locally-sourced food on campus. We are making Dalhousie an exemplar and inspiring a culture of sustainability. Learn more about the Office of Sustainability's ReThink Programs.

Our Student Union's Sustainability Office is also active, organizing and participating in events like Green Week, Dump and Run, and the Great Shoreline Cleanup at Point Pleasant Park. Visit the Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office (DSUSO) website for more information.