Georgia Atkin


Georgia Atkin
Communications Assistant


As the College's Communications Assistant, Georgia keeps the College website and sustainability@dal portal updated, profiles the work of students, alumni and faculty, assists with the development of promotional materials, and manages student newsletter content. She graduated from the College in 2017 with a BA in English Literature and ESS (minoring in Journalism), and she is a member of Editors Canada and the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia.

Outside of work, Georgia is a creative writer and professional editor. She volunteers with Open Heart Forgery, a Halifax-based poetry organization that aims to support local poets through a free monthly publication and regular open mic events. In her spare time, she writes Wikipedia articles, plays the Celtic harp, and vanquishes Sudoku puzzles.

Holly Briand


Holly Briand
Finance & Administrative Assistant

Phone: (902) 431-0294

Holly is the Finance & Administrative Assistant for the College, a role which allows her to put to good use her love of spreadsheets, whether it be to prepare budget reports, track submitted payroll hours and payment requests, or facilitate travel arrangements for guest speakers of the ESS Lecture Series.

In working with the team at the College, she has found an ideal place to use her financial and administrative experience to help support and work towards environmentally sustainable practices. In her spare time, Holly always has a book on the go, travels when she can, and loves to spend time with her favorite people. Usually over food.

Nobonita Chakraborty


Nobonita Chakraborty
Academic Program Secretary

Phone: (902) 220-3029

Nobonita is the Academic Program Secretary at the College and offers administrative support for faculty, staff, teaching assistants and students, as well as assisting the campus community and members of the public with inquiries about ESS program admissions and scholarships.

Originally from Bangladesh, Nobonita has a bachelor’s degree in English linguistics and literature and a master’s in English language teaching. Outside of her College work she is also an English language proficiency test invigilator with British Council and English Testing Canada. She has a passion for singing and dancing, with past experience as a professional music teacher and artist, and she currently teaches traditional Bengali music classes for children in her community.

Sherry Elliott


Sherry Elliott
Manager of Finance and Administration

Phone: (902) 225-3698

Sherry is the Manager of Finance and Administration and has been with the College since 2009. She oversees general operations and handles many of the behind-the-scenes tasks needed to keep things running smoothly, working with spreadsheets and collective agreements and helping facilitate the hiring process for new employees.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing, painting, and woodworking — she collects reclaimed wood and transforms it into useable things like cutting boards. She also loves hanging out with her grandson.

Debra Ross


Debra Ross
Manager of Outreach, Partnerships and Communications

Phone: (902) 494-7805

Debra has been the Manager of Outreach, Partnerships and Communications at the College since 2010. She acts as the liaison between third-year ESS internship and fourth-year Capstone students and the greater community (businesses, government, NGOs, public groups, etc.). She also assists in the planning, production and promotion of the Thursday Night ESS Lecture Series and manages the College’s communications platforms (website, blog, social media, etc). Debra also contributes to ongoing recruitment, retention, alumni engagement and community outreach projects.

Debra loves interacting with our ESS students and being around their energy. She believes many of our students arrive to Dalhousie already engaged and committed to social justice. Debra also loves attending and sharing the Thursday Night ESS Lectures and finds them deeply inspiring. Some of her favourite speakers include Dan Longboat, Tzeporah Berman, Toke Moeller, Linda Pannozzo, and you can check out all their talks on the College Vimeo channel.

Debra is a member of the board  of the Halifax Refugee Clinic; and Chair of the board of How We Thrive, She is an active participant in local OutdoorActive outings.

Kaarin Tae


Kaarin Tae
Academic Advisor and Program Manager

Phone: (902) 476-9096

Kaarin started with the College before is was officially the "College of Sustainability" back in 2009. She now works as the Academic Advisor and Program Manager. She helps students navigate through their undergraduate degrees so that they fulfill their aspirations and the degree requirements.

Kaarin also manages all the curriculum changes, academic calendar updates and the academic timetable. She currently oversees the hiring and managing of Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Tutorial Coordinators. Kaarin loves meeting with the students and is always excited to meet new ESS students in the fall, she will always encourage you to come in and say hello, or to book and appointment for a talk!

Kaarin's hobbies outside of the College involve almost always being literally outside! She is very involved in trail building societies around the HRM and loves hiking and mountain biking. She has travelled to many places and has too many favourites to name, usually the travel also involves being on a trail or a bike! Her favourite meals to eat are something that's been thrown on the grill or fire while she's camping.