Business Operations & Management

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Effective operations and process management can dramatically increase productivity within a business. Learn how to improve your planning, strategy, and day-to-day production.

Business Operations and Management


Certificate in Gaming Leadership - NEW
This certificate provides a comprehensive overview of the skills and knowledge required for leaders in today’s casino and iGaming environments. Learners must complete two required courses and two of five electives. Course fees vary according to the degree of interactivity and corresponding course hours. 

Required Courses:
Casino Gaming Investigations
Responsible Gaming and Player Protection

Change Management
This certificate provides practical knowledge of change management techniques and models that can be effectively implemented within your organization. This structured approach will help you understand how to navigate change as an individual, as a member of a team/organization and as a leader. The fee for each course varies from $550 to $1395.

Change Management Foundation™
Change Management Practitioner™
The Power of Collaboration  
Being Agile and Choosing the Right Approach
Project Management Essentials
Influencing Without Authority 

Creative and Critical Leadership
Consisting of three fully online courses, this certificate is designed to help you enhance your critical thinking, creative and analytical skills for solving problems in the complex workplaces of today. Cost: $3,285.

Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Leaders
Creativity and Innovation for Leaders
Design Thinking

Business Analysis
The demand for experienced business analysts increases as the profession becomes more globally recognized and standardized, and employers acknowledge the value business analysts bring to their organizations. Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned business analyst, you will benefit from the knowledge and practical application of standard tools and techniques used in many industries today. The cost for this five-course certificate is: $5,220

Business Analysis Essentials
Business Analysis in Practice
Enterprise and Strategic Analysis
Introduction to Business Data Analytics
The Agile Business Analyst

Leadership Excellence
This certificate is offered fully online and is issued in partnership with the Business Excellence Institute, an international organization specializing in leadership and strategy. It provides a robust foundation for current and aspiring leaders to develop an authentic, flexible and adaptable leadership style for today's complex, dynamic organizations and landscapes.  Take one course or more to upskill your leadership competencies and build confidence in your leadership capabilities. Each course takes a minimum of 36 hours to complete over 12 weeks.  The total cost for this certificate is: $3,285.

Leadership Dynamics
Ethics in Action
Mastering Strategy

Business Management
This certificate is offered fully online. The practical focus of the courses helps you develop a knowledge base and a range of strategies and skills to manage effectively and successfully in complex, dynamic organizational contexts. Each course is 36 hours over 12 weeks and costs $1,095.

Finance Essentials for Business
Law Essentials for Business
Marketing Essentials for Business OR Microeconomics for Business

Human Resource Leadership
Offered fully online, this certificate provides an additional set of skills for HR employees who want to focus on coaching their employees to get the best possible results, employee and media communications to maintain meaningful relationships, and effectively resolving conflict in the workplace.  Each course is 36 hours over 12 weeks and costs $1,095. 

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Strategic Communications
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Human Resource Management
This certificate is offered fully online. The practical focus of the courses in this Certificate equips you with a knowledge base and a range of strategies and skills to manage your organization's greatest asset -- its people -- responsively, fairly and consistently. Each course is 36 hours over 12 weeks and costs $1,095.

Human Resource Management
Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication
Organizational Behavior

Finance and Risk Management
This three-course certificate is designed to help learners in public and private sector organizations navigate the complexities of financial, technological, and organizational management and risk. Each course is 36 hours over 12 weeks and costs $1,095.

Risk Assessment and Management
Finance Essentials for Business OR Finance Essentials for Public Sector Leaders

Project Management 
In consultation with the PMBOK 7, this certificate is ideal for those who are relatively new to the world of project management as well as for those with project management experience who wish to consolidate and advance their skills and knowledge. Courses cost $400 to $1,395 each.

Required Courses:
Project Management Essentials
Engaging Stakeholders: Communication Strategies for Managing Expectations
Tracking and Forecasting Progress: Budgets, Baselines and Timelines
Strategies for Effectively Leading Through Change
Managing Uncertainty & Opportunities: Project Risk Management
Project Delivery Principles
Agile Bootcamp

Customized Lean Six Sigma Offerings

Our three-course Certificate in Lean Six Sigma is offered as a training option for your organization. 

This certificate will provide you with an advanced set of quality tools to be applied in a structured way to improve your organization’s processes and the services or products produced by those processes. You will learn to lead projects using the DMAIC (Define | Measure | Analyze | Improve | Control) methodology. A full description of the certificate and three courses can be found here.

The Certificate in Lean Six Sigma can be delivered as is, or customized for your organization – it's up to you.  The training also includes an optional coaching package. If you're interested in offering this training to a group of 12 or more, please tell us about your organization by completing the form on our Corporate Solutions page.

Courses & Certification 

We offer a range of courses you can take individually without enrolling in a certificate. 

Strategic Communications
Study the foundational elements of public communications and its many facets. You'll cover everything from employee communication to media relations, to the changing nature of public communications in a digital landscape. Cost: $1,095.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Learn about the exciting world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the sustainable frameworks used by the world’s largest tech, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and mining companies. Cost: $899.

Law Essentials for Business
This 12-week course will give you practical knowledge that can be used in the business world. The course covers topics such as: contract law, negligence, legislation applicable to the workplace, employment law, setting up a business, intellectual property and electronic commerce. Cost: $1,095.

Microeconomics for Business
This course is designed for non-Econ majors to learn about fundamental economic principles through thoughtful and engaging scenarios that we encounter every day, such as Taylor Swift’s decision to forgo school and Uber’s surge pricing to better understand how limited resources drive the decision-making process. Cost: $1,095.

Marketing Essentials for Business
This 12-week course will teach you how to write a marketing plan from start to finish. Learn what makes marketing a critical activity in business growth by exploring the broad principles and practices of marketing from a practical perspective. Cost: $1,095.

PMP® Exam Preparation
This 4-week course is specifically designed to provide participants with a proven, practical approach to preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam from the Project Management Institute (PMI). The course is delivered by trainers who have had extensive experience in professional project management and a long history of successfully preparing people for the PMP® exam. Cost: $2,367.35.

Project Management Essentials
This 4-week, online course provides new project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects. It consists of four weeks of self-directed, online learning, including four online live sessions. Cost: $1,395.

Technical Writing Essentials
This four-week, online course provides you with the tools to communicate complex and technical projects in clearer and simpler ways. You will discover communication strengths and learn how to build on them to become a more capable, confident writer. Cost: $495.