Health & Wellness


Reaching your full potential and helping others do the same

Positive mental health and well-being can help you cope with challenges and improve your focus and productivity at work. Through our certificate and courses, you will learn new skills and perspectives to guide you through everyday challenges as well as those that go beyond the ordinary. You will also gain strategies to sustain and improve your own mental health in addition to others that you interact with on a regular basis- at work, in your communities and at home. 


Total Health and Wellness Strategy
This certificate is offered fully online in partnership with Vendura Wellness, a company setting the industry standard for workplace health and wellness. By taking this five-course certificate, you will learn how to use an innovative, multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to enact sustainable and holistic change in your workplace. Upon completion of the certificate, you will have a well-defined Total Health and Wellness Plan that will help create an environment in which employees thrive, leading to a heathier organization overall. Each of the five online courses requires approximately 15 learner hours. Cost per course: $795

Required courses:
Theory of Total Health and Wellness
Developing a Game Plan for a Total Health and Wellness Strategy
Key Components in a Total Health and Wellness Plan
Building and Buy-in for Your Total Health and Wellness Plan
Appraising Your Total Health and Wellness Plan

Building Positive Workplace Cultures
Do you want to influence how your workplace looks and feels? This certificate will empower participants to uncover ways to enhance their workplace relationships using the principles of Positive Psychology. Learn how to become a “positive” leader through the implementation of positively strategic approaches.
A positive lens has been demonstrated to foster confidence, promote enthusiasm and broaden resilience. While focused on the workplace, the skills gained in this program can be beneficial in day-to-day living as well. Upon completion of this certificate, you will have created your own positive plan to use in your professional, as well as your personal life. Each of the four required courses requires approximately 15 learner hours. An elective course must also be taken. Cost per required course: $795

Required courses:
Foundations of Positive Psychology
Application of Positive Psychology Principles for Self-Care
Application of Positive Psychology Principles to Influence Others
Adaptation of Positive Psychology Principles in Policies and Procedures

Ergonomic Program Management
You're enrolling in this certificate because you are responsible for an occupational health and safety program or the creation and management of an ergonomics program for your company or organization. You will learn how to develop an ergonomic program appropriate for your workplace, identify risk factors, and assess its effectiveness at your place of work. This certificate includes four required courses ($795 each). 

Required Courses:
Ergonomics in the Workplace
Office Ergonomics and Workplace Design
Industrial Ergonomics and Workplace Design (100% Online)
Ergonomic Program Design and Integration


Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace and Community
This 15-hour course will help you to see the talents and opportunities, and not just the challenges, that the neurodiverse and those with a mental health history can bring to the workplace. Learn about mental health from the patient’s perspective and about barriers for people with learning disabilities. Cost: $695. 

Mindfulness at Work
This 15-hour course provides sustainable techniques and practices to reduce your stress levels, refocus your attention, and increase your productivity in your professional, as well as your personal life. If you have tried some form of mindfulness practice before but have given up because it was “too hard," consider this course - it's different. Cost: $495.

For Dalhousie faculty and staff only

Internal Mindful Leadership: Leading with Awareness
Being mindful of one’s impact on others and managing thoughts, feelings and actions mindfully is a core competency for all Dalhousie faculty and staff. This short, self-guided workshop with activities will help build these leadership and core competencies.