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Certificate in English-Medium Instruction

This four-course certificate will help you improve teaching and learning in an English-Medium Instruction (EMI) context by developing knowledge of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) theory and strategies.  

The Details
Online delivery is available | Cost: Each course is $1,200 (four courses total) | Time Commitment: Each course is 22.5 hours. It is recommended that students spend an average of three hours per week on the course work.

Standalone Course

Intercultural Communication in a Higher Education Context
This self-paced, 12-hour course will introduce you to the concepts of culture and intercultural communication, examine common challenges and provide some effective language use strategies for intercultural contexts. 

Skills and Strategies for Online Language Education
This course focuses on guiding educators to develop a range of skills and strategies for effective online, hybrid, or blended language education, including selecting online tools, establishing instructor presence, creating a community of learners, developing content presence, fostering engagement online, classroom management, and online language assessment.

Technology in Language Education
This course examines the role of digital technology in supporting language education in both face-to-face (f2f) and online modalities. Participants will explore strategies and techniques to draw on technology to provide opportunities for input, output, feedback, motivation, and data collection—as well as develop capacity around the processes related to evaluation and implementation of technology in different educational contexts.

Teaching English for Academic Purposes
This course is for language educators wanting to upskill in teaching English for Academic Purposes. English for Academic Purposes entails preparing students, usually in a higher education setting, to use English appropriately for study. It focuses instruction on specific skills required in an English-speaking academic context across core subject areas which are generally encountered in a university setting.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access in Language Education
In this course you will explore the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to foster EDIA principles in English Language Teaching. This course covers a range of topics under the EDIA principles including a practical hands-on awareness of doing and championing EDIA within your institution, gain a comprehensive understanding of universal design of learning and write a diversity statement for a call to action.

Pedagogical Innovation: Content-Based Language Education
Content-based approaches to language education can increase student engagement and learning outcomes. This course focuses on expanding participants’ knowledge of content-based approaches, and developing skills such as curriculum and materials design, assessment for and of learning, and learner management within content-based pedagogies with a strong emphasis on the growing trends in internationalization of education.

Global Competency Development
In order to gain maximum benefit from international education initiatives, both in international mobility and at-home internationalization activities, students must be equipped with a range of global competencies, such as intercultural communication, perspective taking, critical thinking, and others. This practical course allows participants to foster global competencies by developing skills and strategies to take part in international activities.

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