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Dalhousie Advisory Council

The Dalhousie Advisory Council was formed to provide the president with international strategic counsel to complement the Board of Governors.

About the advisory council

Connecting with community leaders across Canada and around the world.

The Dalhousie Advisory Council contributes in many ways:

Engagement and Cultivation

Council members engage in activities aimed at cultivating relationships with prospective donors. This involves attending tours and hosting meetings with faculty, staff, researchers, and potential donors. Through these engagements, they help build connections between donors and the university.

Fundraising Leadership

Council members play a crucial role in leading fundraising efforts by actively participating in the comprehensive fundraising campaign. They also offer advice on strategies for cultivating and qualifying prospects.

Strategic advice, guidance, and support

Council members advise the President and senior administration on external issues and trends that may impact on the University, and act as a sounding board on the development and/or evaluation of its broad strategic direction. They also facilitate linkages with individuals, institutions and organizations that may assist the University in furthering its strategic goals and mission.

The Dalhousie Advisory Council will meet at least three times per year, with the President and the Vice-President, Advancement. Other members of senior administration, faculty, and staff may be invited to attend as determined by the Chair of the Council and the President.


  • The Hon. A. Anne McLellan, PC, OC, AOE
    (Honorary Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Fred Fountain, CM (Honorary Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fountain (Honorary Co-Chair)
  • Mr. Jeff Leger (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Ruma Bose (Co-Chair)
  • Ms. Bevin Arnason
  • Mr. Gavin Brimer
  • Ms. Stephanie Butt
  • Dr. Cathy Campbell
  • Mr. Mark Dobbin
  • Mr. Robert Hanf
  • Mr. Nicholas Katsepontes
  • Ms. Lynda Kuhn
  • Mr. Bryan Langlands
  • Dr. Mathai Mammen
  • Mr. Scott McCain
  • Mr. Ajith Rai
  • Dr. John Schwarz
  • Ms. Penny Tham
  • Ms. Sarah Young