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Dalhousie's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a world of choices: thousands of courses, two hundred professors, thirty-five academic programs. Learn more about the Faculty.

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How can the study of humanities and social sciences inform policy, improve health and restore the environment?  Find out how FASS research and researchers are changing the world.  


  • Thinking big about artificial intelligence
    At a Dalhousie-sponsored panel event earlier this month, experts from across disciplines came together to engage in big ideas about the future of machines, learning and work — and the critical importance of human agency and insight in building that future.
  • "All You Need Is Love": Fountain School takes on Dante's "Purgatorio"
    In taking on a stage production of the middle portion of Dante's "The Divine Comedy," students in the Fountain School of Performing Arts present a vibrant, thought-provoking piece on love, faith and morality. The play runs at the Dal Arts Centre through Dec. 1.
  • Science, technology and society in the 21st century
    How Dal's Donald Hill Family Postdoctoral Fellows are inspiring meaningful discussion about the impact of emerging technology on society.
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