Departments & Centres

The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is comprised of 11 departments, one school and five interdisciplinary programs, which house over 35 different areas of study.

Canadian Studies (program)

Canadian Studies at Dalhousie is an interdisciplinary program which looks at the history, politics, people and culture of the second largest country in the world.  Visit the Canadian Studies Program website to learn more.

Cinema and Media Studies (program)

Cinema and Media Studies teaches students to think critically about the moving image in its historical, theoretical, and cultural contexts, and to appreciate and watch this exciting visual medium with eyes wide open. The Fountain School offers several ways for students to study the moving image at the undergraduate level. Visit the Cinema and Media Studies webpage to learn more.


Classics at Dalhousie offers classes in History and Art (Ancient Middle Eastern, Greek, Roman), in Language and Literature (Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic), in Philosophy (Ancient and Medieval), in Religion (pagan, Jewish, Christian, Islamic). The Department administers the Programs in Religious Studies and in Arabic.  Visit the Department of Classics website to learn more.


Our courses offer students the opportunity to study the language and literature of English-speaking peoples from the 8th century to the present, to hone their skills at creative and professional writing,and to explore the myriad forms of cultural expression, from epic poetry to comic books, Arthurian legends to videogames, Jacobean tragedies to hockey fiction. Visit the Department of English website to learn more.

European Studies (program)

European Studies is a multi-disciplinary program that allows students to take a wide range of courses in history, language, politics and culture, preparing them to go on to a wide variety of careers and graduate programs. Visit the European Studies Program website to learn more.

Fountain School of Performing Arts

In July 2014, the former departments of Music and Theatre joined together to form the Fountain School of Performing Arts.

Become a professional in music, or combine your music studies with programs in the humanities, sciences or social sciences. Whether your interests lie in performance, teaching, musicology, composition, recording or New Technologies, we have the courses to suit you. Visit the Fountain School of Performing Arts website to learn more.

Whether your passion is for acting, directing, playwriting, analyzing theatre or film, costume design or construction, scenic design or carpentry, lighting sound, props or stage management, the Theatre Department can give you what you need to get you started in your chosen career. Visit the Fountain School of Performing Arts website to learn more.


The Department of French at Dalhousie University is the only full-programme department of its kind east of Quebec, with programmes leading to a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. It offers a wide range of courses in language, literature, linguistics, culture and civilization. Visit the Department of French website to learn more.

Gender & Women's Studies (program)

Gender and Women's Studies allows you to study the difference that gender makes. As an interdisciplinary program, it exposes you to many ways of thinking and learning.  Visit the Gender and Women's Studies Program website to learn more. 


The Department of German offers classes in German language, literature and thought, and the only German graduate program in the Maritimes. Our language classes will help you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the German language with practical competence in speaking, reading and writing. Visit the Department of German website to learn more.


Our classes cover everything from our new emphasis on transnational history, to our rich base in medieval, British, European, Russian, African, Middle Eastern, Atlantic World history, and the history of the Americas. Visit the Department of History website to learn more.

International Development Studies

International Development Studies (IDS) offers students an opportunity to examine some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, including global poverty, social inequity and environmental degradation. IDS enables students to connect their academic pursuits with real-world politics, and appreciate how our lifestyles here in Canada impact people all over the world. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, IDS offers students a wide range of flexibility in creating a program of study that reflects their particular interests and passions. IDS also offers experiential learning opportunities to study, work and volunteer in Halifax - and all over the world.  Visit the Department of International Development Studies website to learn more.

Law, Justice and Society (program)

The Law, Justice & Society program provides an interdisciplinary learning experience for students who are interested in the study of law and justice as subjects of historical, philosophical, political, or socio-anthropological inquiry, or as an avenue for work in criminal justice, public policy, legal research, or human rights advocacy. Visit the Law, Justice and Society program website to learn more.


The Dalhousie Philosophy Department is among the most active philosophy departments in Canada.  We specialize in the analytic philosophical tradition, and offer opportunity for study in a wide variety of fields in that area, including: Ethics & Metaethics, Bioethics, Epistemology, Feminist Theory, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Logic, Philosophy of Biology. Visit the Department of Philosophy website to learn more.

Political Science

Dalhousie Political Science offers high quality undergraduate, honours and graduate programs in a collegial, small department. Our courses in Canadian and Comparative Politics, Political Theory and International Relations provide a strong foundation for careers in government, law, journalism, and business.  Political science complements subjects like economics, history, gender and women's studies and international development studies. Our students and graduates participate in exciting learning ventures, including the Parliamentary Internship, UIBE China Exchange and  the US Consulate Internship. Visit the Department of Political Science website to learn more.

Russian Studies

The Department of Russian Studies offers classes in Russian language, history, literature, cinema and culture. Our language classes will help you to gain a thorough grasp of Russian grammar, combined with practical competence in speaking, reading and writing. Our courses in Russian culture and civilization will introduce you to the art, architecture, music and religious faiths of the Russian people. Visit the Department of Russian Studies website to learn more. Visit the Department of Russian Studies website to learn more.

The Department of Russian Studies is also home to the Chinese Studies program.

Sociology and Social Anthropology

Dalhousie’s Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology offers a unique program of research and teaching that is interdisciplinary, comparative, and critically engaged. We draw on the strengths of our two disciplines–sociology and social anthropology–by recognizing their distinct intellectual and methodological heritages, while emphasizing how they complement each other. Visit the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology website to learn more.

Spanish and Latin American Studies

The Department of Spanish & Latin American Studies offers classes in the Spanish language and Spanish and Spanish-American history, literature, film and civilization. Our language program features courses for beginning to advanced speakers. Our literature & civilization courses explore the important contributions of Spain and the Americas and some courses are conducted in English. Visit the Department of Spanish & Latin American Studies website to learn more.