Black and African Diaspora Studies


For more than four centuries, individuals of African descent have maintained a significant presence within Canada. The intricate and impactful narratives of Black Canadians, encompassing experiences of oppression and racial injustice, yet intertwined with narratives of resilience and empowerment, have frequently been overlooked.

Through the lens of Black and African Diaspora Studies, you will embark on an exploration of the historical, societal, and cultural dimensions of African Canadian life and the broader global Black world.

Make the connections: Develop your awareness of how race, sex, gender, class and other identities affect Black people.

Global perspective: Expand your knowledge of the culture and history of African peoples around the world, including discussions of colonialism, power and racial injustice.

Critical thinking: Use the tools of Critical Race and Black feminist theories to examine the meaning of Blackness and the concept of race.


Students may choose the Major or Honours BA or BSc (second subject) undergraduate degree options. A Minor is available to students in any degree program where they may declare a minor, including BACS, BA, BComm, BCD, BCS, BMgmt, BMus, BSc.

A Certificate is also available both to non-degree students and to students in any degree program where they may declare a certificate.

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You will discover, unearth, analyze, and commemorate the profound history, cultural expressions, and social dynamics of Black communities in Canada and across the global African diaspora. Your journey will involve tracing the historical trajectory from the earliest Black settlements in what is now known as Atlantic Canada, through the migrations to Central Canada, and farther west.

You will also examine present-day challenges, subjecting entrenched structural and institutionalized racism to critical analysis. Elective courses encompass a diverse array of subjects, in realms such as Black literature, music, spirituality, and cultural manifestations within the various communities of the African diaspora, providing a comprehensive, well-rounded, and holistic perspective.

Sample courses:

  • Introduction to Black and African Diaspora Studies
  • Introduction to African Canadian Studies
  • African Nova Scotian History
  • Black Radical Thought
  • Politics of Reparations
  • Research Methods in Black And African Diaspora Studies
  • The Idea of Race in Philosophy, Literature and Art
  • The History of Jazz
  • Centering Black Canadian Health
  • Afrofuturism
  • Slavery and Freedom in the Americas

Questions about Black and Diaspora Studies at Dalhousie? Please email:

Dr. Isaac Saney

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Dr. Isaac Saney is a professor Black Canadian Studies and coordinator of the Black and African Diaspora Studies program at Dalhousie University.