Languages at Dal

Why learn a new language? 

Whether your second or your seventh, learning a new language has big benefits. It can, for example:

  • ease international trade and travel
  • make you more competitive in the job market  
  • open to you new worlds of scholarship and knowledge, whether past or present
  • allow you to immerse yourself more fully in another culture and its creative arts

Why learn your new language at Dal? 

Whether you want to major in a language, add a language minor to another program, or simply take a course or two, you can take advantage of Dalhousie’s remarkable strengths in language teaching and scholarship.

As well as a full range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in English and French, Canada’s official languages, we offer programs in some of the languages most commonly spoken around the world.

We offer both Bachelors and Masters degrees in German; full undergraduate programmes in Russian and Spanish; and rich and dynamic Minors in Arabic, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin). Sometimes, too, we offer courses in other important world languages, such as Portuguese.

Dalhousie also has a unique position as a centre where the Classical languages of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, the sources of many modern languages, are taught within a programme of study of Ancient cultures which retain real relevance to contemporary world issues. We offer established study abroad opportunities and exchanges to support language learning. We also offer a Certificate in Intercultural Communication that links language learning to cultural competency in a world of rapid and intensifying exchanges.

Languages open doors. Open yours at Dalhousie.