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Dr. Yuri Leving is the founding editor of the Nabokov Online Journal, a multidisciplinary academic journal devoted to Nabokov studies.


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Vasilisa the Beautiful in search of Dalhousie

Добро пожаловать!  Welcome to the Department of Russian Studies! 

Кафедра русского языка и литературы при Униерситете Дальхаузи была основана еще в 1944-ом году.  Первая магистерская работа (о Пушкине) была защищена в 1947-ом году Юлией Сванбург. 

(Translation) The first classes in Russian at Dalhousie were offered in the autumn of 1944, making it one of the oldest Russian programs in Canada. Its first MA thesis (on Pushkin's life and works) was defended in 1947 by Julia A. Swanburg. We administer the oldest continuously-operating Russian study abroad program in Canada. Learn more about the department.
The department also administers the Chinese Studies Program.

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The Russian Studies Department is rich with culture. Improve your Russian conversation skills, sing a Russian folk tune, or enjoy a get-together with the Russian cooking club. Learn about these cultural events and more.

Course news:
RUSN 3060 "Putin's Russia"


The theme of this year's Russian Topics course is "Putin's Russia." Learn more here.

Course news: RUSN 2037 "Russian Film II"

RUSN 2037_poster photo

Study Russian cinema from the 1960s to today's blockbusters. Cross-listed with Theatre, Film, and English. Learn more here.

Course news: RUSN 3200 "Russian Music Baroque to Rock"

RUSN 3200_poster photo

A new course this year, RUSN 3200 "Russian Music Baroque to Rock" is also cross-listed with the Music Department. Learn more here.

Russian Studies News
Последние новости

We have a very active and enthusiastic Russian Student Society (DRUSS).
Visit the DRUSS website for upcoming events or contact them by email at dalhousierussiansociety@gmail.com.