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Discover a cultural legacy

Learn about the widespread impact the cultures of Black Canadian and African peoples have made in art, literature, spirituality, philosophy and thought leadership, in Canada and beyond.



Explore the African diaspora

Uncover the roots of a multitude of African cultures and trace their paths across the globe.


Program snapshot

Top 5 reasons to study Black and African Diaspora Studies at Dalhousie:

  1. From past to present: Explore interdisciplinary scholarship about African peoples in Canada and discover the history and contemporary issues facing Black Canadians.
  2. Make the connections: Develop your awareness of how race, sex, gender, class and other identities affect Black people.
  3. Global perspective: Expand your knowledge of the culture and history of African peoples around the world, including discussions of colonialism, power and racial injustice.
  4. Critical thinking: Use the tools of Critical Race and Black feminist theories to examine the meaning of Blackness and the concept of race.
  5. Complement your major: A minor in Black and African Diaspora Studies adds a valuable dimension to degrees in subjects such as Anthropology, Sociology, History, Philosophy and more.

What will I learn?


Through core courses and other materials, students in the Black and African Diaspora minor program will discover and analyze the history, culture, and sociology of Black Canada and the wider African diaspora.

    What can I do?


    A minor in Black and African Diaspora Studies will give you the knowledge, tools and abilities to enrich your preparation for careers in fields such as law, business, art, education, politics and more.