Faculty Lecture Series & Seminars

Shaar Shalom Lecture at Dalhousie University

This annual public lecture explores the broad themes of tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity and difference in contemporary Canadian society.

Stanfield Conversations

"Where is democracy today?" will be the over-arching theme of the Rt. Hon. Robert L. Stanfield Conversation series, with a Canadian-centric perspective. Topics may be national or international in scope and explore issues such as populism in politics, ethics in politics, inequality and democracy or identity politics.

MacKay Lecture Series

The annual MacKay Lecture Series features four lectures given by internationally renowned speakers, addressing subjects related to the liberal and performing arts.

The 2018 Big Thinking panel event - The Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence

A panel discussion exploring the potential social impacts of artificial intelligence and the role humanities and social sciences will play in identifying the legal, ethical and policy issues we should start considering today.

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences promotes research and teaching for the advancement of an inclusive, democratic and prosperous society. With a membership now comprising over 160 universities, colleges and scholarly associations, the Federation represents a diverse community of 91,000 researchers and graduate students across Canada. The Federation organizes Canada’s largest academic gathering, the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, bringing together more than 8,000 participants each year. For more information about the Federation, visit www.ideas-idees.ca.

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Departmental and Program Lecture Series

Chinese Studies: Lecture Series
Department of Classics: Lecture Series
Department of English:  Speaker Series
Department of French:  Lecture Series
Department of History: The Stokes Seminar
Fountain School of Performing Arts: David Schroeder Music & Culture Lecture Series
Department of Philosophy: Colloquium and Special Lectures (scroll down for upcoming events)
Department of Political Science: see Events Calendar
Department of Russian Studies: see Events Calendar
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology: Speaker Series

Performance Series

Fountain School of Performing Arts:  Our Season

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