Internal Funding Sources

Funding Opportunities with FASS

We support research within the faculty through awards and opportunities including:

  • FASS DFA Travel Grant Application (national or international travel): [form-fillable PDF]
    Memo from PDC: DFA Travel Fund update (Oct 1, 2020) 
  • Burgess Research Award
  • Publishing Support Program (Society & Culture Research Fund): Deadline February 15.
  • Normally we have RDF Visiting Speaker and International Travel programs available to full-time FASS members, adjudicated by the Research Development Committee (RDC) three times a year. COVID-19 has made those programs untenable, so for the May round we introduced Graduate RAships instead. For the remaining two rounds for this fiscal year (September 2020 and January 2021) we are offering three programs instead:
        1) Honoraria for virtual visiting speakers ($400), with a deadline of Oct. 5 (for fall events) and 
            Nov. 16 (for winter events);
        2) Emergency COVID research fund (up to $400) with a deadline of Nov. 16;
        3) and another Graduate RA round ($1000), also with a deadline of Nov. 16.
  • Administrative note: FASS DFA grants are handled through the Dean's Office, so please contact the office with any queries; Burgess and RDF (travel & speaker) applications are administered by the Research Development Committee, and queries can be addressed to the Associate Dean Research.

Dalhousie Research Services

Research Services provides information on a variety of research funds and grants.  Internal forms for Sabbatical leave, Investigator Checklists, and Reduced Salary forms can be found here.

Graduate Studies Funding

Faculty of Graduate Studies funding opportunities provides information on scholarships and fellowships, bursaries, special Dalhousie awards, travel grants and more.