EES Award Holders

David Barlow Memorial Award

The David Barlow Memorial Award is awarded to a student in the Earth Sciences program with a good academic record,and has shown qualities of leadershipin the department, student society, or community affairs.

Art and Dorothy Cooke Memorial Scholarship

The Art and Dorothy Cooke Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time student entering their fourth year in an Honours or Combined Honours in Environmental Science whose Honours thesis research proposal is judged to be of strong merit.

G. V. Douglas Memorial Award

The G. V. Douglas Memorial Award commemorates Professor George Vibert Douglas, Head of the Department of Geology, Dalhousie University from 1932-1957. The award is given to a student entering second year Earth Sciences with an outstanding academic record in their first-year studies.

Environmental Science Award

The Environmental Science Award is given to an Environmental Science Programs in her/his third year of study who has shown academic promise in her/his environmental course work.

James L. Hall Scholarship

The James L. Hall Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has completed their first year of residence at Dalhousie with a high academic standing, and preference will go to a student planning a career in the mining industry. The scholarship was created by the widow of James L. Hall, in memory of her husband, who was a student at Dalhousie from 1919 to 1921, and by Elizabeth L. Hall, his sister. The first Hall Award was made in 1939 and this is the 81st presentation of the award.

Owen Hertzman Prize

The Owen Hertzman Prize is granted annually to an Environmental Science student who is deemed to have contributed significantly to Environmental Science school life.

Michael Keen Research Award

The Michael Keen Research Award provides stipend funding for a female undergraduate student summer research experience in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences similar to an NSERC USRA. The successful student will work closely with a supervisor at Dalhousie with the goal of exposing the student to scientific research work in general and to specific research in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

MacEachern - Ponsford Memorial Award

The MacEachern - Ponsford Memorial Award is to be made on the recommendation of the Chair of the Earth Sciences Department after consultation with the Dawson Geology Club and the staff of the department, to a student who has excelled in field school and has completed the second year of a program majoring in Geology, whose academic performance is of honours calibre, and who has been an active participant in student activities.

Environmental Science's Pearson Education Canada Book Prize

Sponsored by Pearson Education, this prize is presented annually to the Environmental Science student in their second year of study who has achieved the highest average in their courses in 1st year.

Honours Thesis and Honours Presentation Awards

The Best Honours Thesis Award is awarded annually to the the student who is judged to have submitted and defended the best Honours Thesis.

The Best Honours Thesis Presentation Award iis awarded annually to the student that is judged to have given the best Honours Thesis presentation.

Brian MacLean Memorial Prize

The Brian MacLean Memorial Prize is awarded to an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science, who is pursuing a major or honours degree in Earth Sciences, and shows excellence in their work related to Arctic Geology, Glacial Geology or Marine Geology.



Milligan Undergraduate Award

The Milligan Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Geology is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student who has shown academic excellence and embodies good citizenship (the most supportive to fellow students or making a significant contribution to the community at large).


NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

USRAs are meant to nurture student interest and fully develop their potential for a research career in the natural sciences and engineering (NSE). They are also meant to encourage students to undertake graduate studies in these fields by providing research work experience that complements their studies in an academic setting.

2024 Recipients - Hannah Freeman (Sobey Award), Maya Tomlinson (Sobey Award), Lauren Grover (NSERC USRA), Catherine Potvin (NSERC USRA), Isaac Bahler (Sobey Award)


Professor of the Year Award

Awarded annually by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences faculty, the Dawson Geology Club and the Environmental Programs Student Society (EPSS) for outstanding contributions to the education of Earth and Environmental Sciences students.

TA of the Year

Awarded annually by the students of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences for outstanding contributions to the education of Earth and Environmental Sciences students.