G.V. Douglas Memorial Award

This award commemorates Professor George Vibert Douglas, Head of the Department of Geology from 1932-1957, and the first to hold the appointment as Carnegie Professor of Geology, which was established 1933 with a gift of $125,000 from the Carnegie Foundation. Before coming to Dalhousie, Douglas was the Geologist on Shackleton’s Last Antarctic Expedition (1921-22) and he explored Rio Tinto’s concession on the Congo/Zambia (formerly Rhodesia) border in 1930-31.  This award is given to a student entering second year Earth Sciences with an outstanding academic record in their first-year studies. The first award was made in 1962; this year is the 57th annual presentation of the award.

2021 Recipent
This year’s awardee is Brooke Reid in recognition of her good academic standing in first-year classes and high level of participation in student affairs. Brooke is from St. Andrews, New Brunswick. In high school, she was the Student Council Executive every year and graduated as the Student Council Co-President. She entered the Integrated Science Program at Dalhousie in the Fall of 2020. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Combined Honours in Earth Sciences and International Development Studies. She was named to the Dean’s List last term. She has joined the World University Service of Canada, Local Committee at Dalhousie where she acts as the Secretary, Health and Wellness Support, and Event coordination member. In addition, she has been an avid community supporter. She has coached children's summer soccer and tutored grade five math students at her local elementary school.

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