Environmental Science Award

The Environmental Science Award  (previously the Curtis Environmental Award) is given to an Environmental Science Programs in her/his third year of study who has shown academic promise in her/his environmental course work. The award will be given to a student who demonstrates an interest in and commitment to environmental issues. The student will be chosen on the basis of improvement in annual GPA from first to second year.

2022 Recipient  - Lauren Lowther and Levyn Radomske
Both Lauren and Levyn are third-year Environmental Science students. They each have identified Honours supervisors already and are pursuing their Honours next year.

Previous Recipients

2021 Brooklin Craig
2020 Jordan Carrier
2019 Thomas Harrison
2018 Moria Anderson and Zhanhang Wang  
2017 Michael Smith
2016 Jenni Barrera
2015 Paige Marvel
2014 Odessa Cohen
2013 Christine Angelidis
2012 Katherine MacKenzie
2011 Marni Sandell
2010 Vanessa Pook
2009 Chad Hiscock
2008 Michael Leonard
2007 Jessica Budgell
2006 Maritza Estridge