Yuri Leving

Professor, Academic Advisor; Coordinator, Russian Studies Abroad Program

Leving August 2013

Email: yleving@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-6923
Mailing Address: 
McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2

Office: McCain 3016


  • Ph.D., Summa Cum Laude. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Department of Slavic Studies, 2002
    Dissertation: “Poetics of Urbanism in the Writings of Vladimir Nabokov”
    (Advisors: Roman Timenchik, Elena Tolstoy)
  • Ph.D. (ABD). University of Southern California, Los Angeles
    Department of Slavic Studies, with concentration in visual studies, 2001–2004
  • M.A., M.Phil. with honors. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Department of Slavic Studies, 1998
  • B.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Department of English Literature; Department of Slavic Studies, 1996


YURI LEVING is Professor of Russian Literature and Film (PhD summa cum laude, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Leving’s main field of interest is Russian literature, culture and film. He joined Dalhousie University fifteen years ago, after teaching at The George Washington University. In 2013-2014, he was an Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Fellow at Heidelberg University, Germany, and an affiliated research fellow at the American Academy in Rome (2015). Leving is the author of nine monographs, and editor and co-editor of six books, as well as more than 150 articles on various aspects of Russian and comparative literature. He served as a commentator on the first authorized Russian edition of The Collected Works of Vladimir Nabokov in five volumes (1999-2001), and was the curator for the exhibition “Nabokov’s Lolita: 1955-2005” in Washington, D.C., which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the publication of Lolita. Leving is the founding editor of the Nabokov Online Journal  (since 2007). Professor Leving’s upcoming monographs are devoted to Joseph Brodsky’s graphic art and his literary life in Rome.


  1. Poetry in a Dead Loop (Mandelstam and Aviation) 
    Moscow: Boslen, 2021. 240 pp., ill. 
  2. Joseph Brodsky in Rome: A Literary Guide 
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  3. Joseph Brodsky in Rome: Poetry, Prose, Art 
    Vol. II. St. Petersburg: Perlov Design Center, 2020. 470 pp., color and b/w illustrations, hard cover.  
  4. Joseph Brodsky in Rome: Life and Work 
    Vol. III. St. Petersburg: Perlov Design Center, 2020. 480 pp., color and b/w illustrations, hard cover. 
  5. A Revolution of the Visible: Images on the Retina 
    Moscow: New Literary Observer, 2018. 400 pp., illustrations.
  6. Marketing Literature and Posthumous Legacies: The Symbolic Capital of Leonid Andreev and Vladimir Nabokov
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  15. Train Station – Garage – Hangar (Vladimir Nabokov and Poetics of Russian Urbanism) [“Vokzal – Garazh – Angar. V. Nabokov i poetika russkogo urbanizma”].
    St. Petersburg: Ivan Limbakh Publishing House, 2004. 400 pp.


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Academic review articles:

  • Michael Urban and Andrei Evdokimov. Russia Gets the Blues: Music, Culture, and Community in Unsettled Times. Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 2004. 200 pp. Slavic and East European Journal, Summer 2007.
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Courses taught in 2015-16

  • Beats and Notes: Russian Music from Baroque to Rock (cross-listed with the Music Department)
  • Survey of Russian Literature
  • How iRead the Eye-Books: Film Adaptations of World Literature
  • East European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions


Curriculum Vitae, 2020