John  Cullen




Mailing Address: 
Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, P.O. Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2, Canada
Research Topics:
  • oceanography
  • phytoplankton
  • ocean observations
  • ballast water treatment issues


1970–1974 A.B., Honors in Biology, General College Honors, Valedictorian (i.e., Farewell Speaker, Cowell College), University of California, Santa Cruz

1980 Doctor of Philosophy, Biological Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Ibarra, D., Fennel, K., Cullen, J.J., 2014. Coupling 3-D Eulerian bio-physics (ROMS) with individual- based shellfish ecophysiology (SHELL-E): A hybrid model for carrying capacity and environmental impacts of bivalve aquaculture. Ecological Modelling 273: 63-78. doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2013.10.024

Jones, C.T., S.E. Craig, A.B. Barnett, H.L. MacIntyre, and J.J. Cullen. 2014. Curvature in models of the photosynthesis-irradiance response. Journal of Phycology 50: 341-355. DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12164

Moore, R.M., M. Kienast, M. Fraser, J.J. Cullen, C. Deutsch, S. Dutkiewicz, M.J. Follows, C.J. Somes. 2014. Extensive hydrogen supersaturations in the western South Atlantic Ocean suggest substantial underestimation of nitrogen fixation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 119: 4340-4350.

Cullen, J.J. 2015. Subsurface chlorophyll maximum layers: Enduring enigma or mystery solved? Annual Review of Marine Science 7 (1):207-239. doi:10.1146/annurev-marine-010213-135111.

Cullen, J.J and MacIntyre, H.L. 2015. On the use of the serial dilution culture method to enumerate viable phytoplankton in natural communities of plankton subjected to ballast water treatment. Journal of Applied Phycology:1-20. doi:10.1007/s10811-015-0601-x 


Fellow of The Oceanography Society, 2005. Elected Councillor, 2009.

American Men and Women of Science, 2008; Canadian Who’s Who 2008.

Ruth Patrick Award from the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (2012): to honoroutstanding research by a scientist in the application of basic aquatic science principles to the identification, analysis and/or solution of important environmental problems (with S.W. Chisholm). Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 2012.

John H. Martin Award from the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) for: Li, W., D.V. Subba Rao, W.G. Harrison, J.C. Smith, J.J. Cullen, B. Irwin and T. Platt. 1983.

Autotrophic picoplankton in the tropical ocean. Science 219: 292–295.
Sustaining Fellow, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2015.