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Mark N. Obrovac

Professor; NSERC/3M Canada Ltd. Industrial Research Chair in Battery Materials


Related information

Department of Chemistry , Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science

Email: Mark.Obrovac@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-4060
Mailing Address: 
Department of Chemistry
Dalhousie University
6274 Coburg Road
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Materials for energy storage
  • Materials Synthesis
  • Advanced Li-ion battery materials
  • Metal-ion batteries
  • Magnesium batteries
  • Sodium ion batteries
  • Electrochemistry


  • BSc, Simon Fraser University
  • MSc, Dalhousie University
  • PhD, Dalhousie University
  • PDF, Cornell University


Research interests

We develop nanostructured alloy materials for high energy density Li-ion batteries and practical battery chemistries based on low-cost and abundant materials, such as sodium and magnesium. This includes the synthesis and characterization of new intercalation materials, nanostructured compounds, amorphous metal alloys and non-aqueous electrolytes for use in advanced batteries.

Selected awards and honours

  • Harry Shirreff Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry (2014)
  • 3M Corporate Level Circle of Technical Excellence and Innovation Award (2006)
  • 3M Division Level Circle of Technical Excellence and Innovation Award (2006)
  • 3M Division Level Circle of Technical Excellence and Innovation Award (2005)

Selected publications

  • Leyi Zhao, Xiuyun Zhao, L. Burke, C. Bennett, R.A. Dunlap, M.N. Obrovac, Voronoi Tessellated Graphite Produced by Low Temperature Catalytic Graphitization of Renewable Hard Carbon, ChemSusChem., 10 (2017) 1-10.
  • Lituo Zheng, Jierui Li and M.N. Obrovac, Crystal Structures and Electrochemical Performance of Air-Stable Na2/3Ni1/3–xCuxMn2/3O2 in Sodium Cells, Chem. Mater., (2017) 1623–1631.
  • Yukun Wang*, Simeng Cao, Mariya Kalinina, Lituo Zheng, Linjun Li, Min Zhu and M.N. Obrovac, Lithium Insertion in Nanostructured Si1-xTix Alloys, J. Electrochem. Soc., 164 (2017) A3006-A3010.
  • T.D. hatchard, A. Genkin and M.N. Obrovac, Rapid Mechanochemical Synthesis of Amorphous Alloys, AIP Advances, 7 (2017) 045201.
  • M.N. Obrovac* and V.L. Chevrier, Alloy Negative Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries, Chem. Rev. 114 (2014) 11444.