The Department of Chemistry has 21 professors, including 5 who are cross-appointed from other departments; 7 emeritus professors, 15 adjunct professors, 8 instructors, 13 technical/administrative staff and around 70  graduate students carrying out research towards their MSc and PhD degrees. In addition, the department welcomes annually visiting scientists, postdoctoral researchers and research associates, and summer research assistants.

The Department offers about 30 undergraduate chemistry classes taken by about 4,000 students per year. Typically, there are 15 students registered in Honours and Combined Honours programs and a larger number in the Majors program.

The Department is proud of both its teaching and its research, activities that are closely intertwined. Highlights include the computer-aided learning laboratory, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre, the Trace Analysis Research Centre, the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and many other specialized facilities. The Department carries out research in all areas of chemistry: analytical, bio-organic, computational, environmental, inorganic, materials, organic, physical and theoretical.

Department History


The history of our Department isn't just about bricks and mortar, classes added and dropped, but the personal reflections of the people who worked there. Because of this, we'd like to highlight the personal reflections of retired professors:

Schools and Community


With Chemistry being the Central Science, the pivotal link between life sciences such as neuroscience and physical sciences such as physics, Chemistry plays a part in everything we do all day long.   DalChem welcomes school groups and community groups, and has visits and programs available for all.