Kindergarten to Grade 9


Chemistry Discovery Days

Discover Chemistry Days is designed to complement the Grade 6-9 Science learning outcomes. Recently, we have highlighted three major events:

  • Green Chemistry
  • Thermal Energy
  • Magic Show

In its inaugural year, we hosted some 600 students in our department who participated in 1800 students-hours of hands-on science. We guarantee things will be even bigger and better than before!

Discovery Days sessions are 1 hour long. You can register for one, two or join us for all three.

Green Chemistry

We’ve all heard how CO2 is the leading contributor of global warming. But did you know that CO2 is leading a new branch of environmentally conscious science – green chemistry. In this session, students will discovery natural product chemistry, compound extraction, mixtures, solutions, and spectroscopy.

Thermal Energy

Chemistry studies the interaction of matter and energy, with the major source of energy on earth coming ultimately from the sun. Discover just how to harness the power of the sun, while learning about heat transfer, infrared radiation, and temperature measurement.

Chemistry Magic Show

Modern science grew from careful observation and experimentation with the physical and natural world. To those who didn’t understand, Chemistry seemed to hold ‘magical’ powers. But a basic understanding of the periodic properties of elements can change magic into science. Understand the science behind the magic or not, this is still a fascinating show to watch!

How do I register my class?

Email your particulars, name, school, class level, class size and the day you would like to attend to:

Theresa Myra
School Outreach Coordinator
Faculty of Science
Dalhousie University
Tel: (902) 494-6448

Other Information

If you want to learn more about this program and others like it at Dalhousie, contact the Faculty of Science Outreach Program