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When asked the question, "What is chemistry?", a chemist is likely to answer with "What isn't chemistry?" Our world is full of molecules - everything we touch, see and smell is chemistry!   In chemistry classes we learn about the properties of molecules, we make new molecules and we measure their properties. Chemists use molecules to make medical devices, pharmaceuticals, systems to harvest solar energy, and improved materials like stronger concrete and safer glass - the list is endless.  Students in chemistry combine classroom study with hands-on lab experiences to prepare for many career paths in industry, including research, medicine and health professions (see our alumni profiles page for more).

At Dalhousie we have designed a unique program called Concepts in Chemistry, just for first-year students. Professors and instructors designed and built the program for improved learning outcomes through an engaging and exciting approach. We offer daily one-on-one and tutorial support to all our students, and a mixture of small group and large group learning environments.

Advanced Chemistry students may choose to conduct research in a world-class laboratory, either as a scholar, a volunteer or as part of a class.  Which lab will you choose?  What type of research do you want to be part of?

With Honours degrees, Majors degrees, Co-op degrees, a certificate in medicinal chemistry and graduate degrees DalChem offers it all.  Find out more about the different types of chemistry degrees available.

To find out more contact a Chemistry Advisor.