Alumni Profiles

The alumnae below have supplied the accompanying career profiles to illustrate just how diverse the opportunities can be for a graduate with a Dalhousie Chemistry Degree.

Vaughn Arthur The Analytical Technician

Kevin Bateman

The Senior Investigator in a Global Pharmaceutical Company
Eric Bond The Technical Officer
Kyle Cameron The Actor and Musician
Cheryl Carson The Post-Doctoral Fellow
Monica Chuang The Doctor
René Doucet The Pharmacist
Alan Doucette The Professor
Monique Guilderson The Medical/Scientific Illustrator
Claire Horne The Product Manager
Alex Jurgens The Vice-President and General Manager (Sepracor Canada)
Mike Lumsden The Spectroscopist
Mathai Mammen The Senior Vice-President of Research and Clinical Development
Erin Power The Dentist
Elden Rowland The Analyst
Miles Snow The Equipment Specialist
Wendy Young The Patent Examiner