Cheryl Carson

Post-doctoral fellow

Research group of Professor Erik Sorensen at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

B.Sc. (Hons Chemistry), Dalhousie University, 2004
Ph.D. (Chemistry), The University of Western Ontario, 2009

Career Path
After I finished my undergraduate degree, I went to graduate school to study synthetic organic chemistry. Once my doctoral research was completed, I moved to Princeton to pursue research as a post-doctoral fellow. Post-doctoral fellowships provide further training in your field of expertise, without the class work and thesis requirements associated with graduate school. A post-doctoral fellowship can be an important career opportunity if you are interested in a university faculty position, or jobs in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

Chemistry in Action
I enjoy trying to figure out new and/or creative ways to make complex organic compounds and then actually implementing these ideas in the lab.

Last Words
I recommend working or volunteering in a research lab as early as possible. These experiences had a profound influence on my career choices and helped me decide what area of scientific research suited me best. It also gave me the opportunity to interact more directly with faculty and graduate students who are great resources when choosing a career path.