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Academic Advising

You may change from any degree program to any other, providing that you follow all faculty and departmental regulations.

If you are interested in studying chemistry, one of the advisors listed below would be happy to discuss how to mesh your plans and ambitions with the department's degree programs. The most effective way to communicate with the advisors is by email to make an appointment.

Chemistry Advisors:

Name Phone Email
Robert White - Undergrad (A-D), Transfer Credits   494-6403 robert.white@dal.ca
Fran Cozens - Undergrad (E-L) 494-6582 frances.cozens@dal.ca
Peter Wentzell - Undergrad (M-P) 494-2440 peter.wentzel@dal.ca
Alan Doucette - Undergrad (Q-Z) and Co-op 494-3714 alan.doucette@dal.ca
Jennifer MacDonald - First Year Advisor 494-2440 jennifer.l.macdonald@dal.ca