Professors Emeriti

Walter A. Aue
PhD (Vienna)
Professor Emeritus
Axel D. Becke
BSc, (Queens), MSc, (McMaster), PhD, (McMaster), PDF, Dalhousie
Professor Emeritus
Theoretical Chemistry, Density Functional Theory
Russell J. Boyd
BSc, (UBC), PhD, (McGill), PDF, (Oxford University and University of British Columbia)
Professor Emeritus
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
D. Jean Burnell
BSc Carleton University, MSc Carleton University, PhD University of New Brunswick, PDF University of Toronto and National Research Council, Ottawa
Professor Emeritus
Organic chemistry, Synthesis
John A. Coxon
MA (Cambridge), MSc, PhD (East Anglia)
Professor Emeritus
Electronic spectra of molecules; laser spectroscopy; chemiluminescence
Jan C.T. Kwak
BSc, MSc, PhD (Amsterdam)
Professor Emeritus
Physical, colloid and polymer chemistry
Mary Anne White
BSc (UWO), PhD (McMaster), PDF (Oxford)
Harry Shirreff Professor of Chemical Research (Emerita)
Materials Chemistry